A good cover design is often considered a prelude to good content. A compelling book cover is a strong marketing tool, and hence, we recommend that you give it as much attention as you would to the content itself. Whether you opt for a basic design or a customized one, we have a team of experienced specialists and masters of the craft to create designs suited to your content that we wholeheartedly believe you’ll find most engaging.
Technical Cover Art – Get our best technicians onboard, and get people to look at your book, twice. Image alteration, adjustment, and blending are but a few things of mention that your book’s cover will get.
Specialized Cover Art- Film poster standard cover design involving multiple Photoshop layers, Image manipulation and color engineering to give people a glimpse of your story, visually.


We provide book interior design based on established style guides but also one that is loaded with customizable options to delight you. While our service utilizes a standard primary layout, you are free to opt for design specifics of your choice such as fleurons, accent fonts, and body text fonts.

Depending on the manuscript’s complexity, we categorize them as follows:

Fundamental Interior Design – Get your interior designed using our well-crafted genre-based templates. You can include up to 12 images or tables or 5 color images as part of your manuscript.

Technical Interior Design – Get your interior designed with customizations—dingbats, fleurons, decorated chapter pages, and so on. You can include up to 7-8 images or tables or 5 color images as a part of your manuscript.

Specialized Interior Design – Travelogues, coffee table books, full color books, illustrated children’s books, cookbooks, and academic books with complex equations, tables, formulas, and images require specialized design skills and with our designers, we can bring the best out of your manuscript.